Educational Programs

Individual Education Plans

Developing Individual Education Plans are an important aspect in determining the student’s performance abilities and setting appropriate goals and outcomes that will address the needs of the student.

Individual Education Plans are developed in consultation with parents or caregivers and may include other professionals if desired. Individual Education Plans (IEP) focus on areas specific to each students needs and may include areas such as communication, academic, social skills and behaviour.

The Individual Education Plans include long and short term goals and the strategies that will be implemented to assist the student in achieving the goals. Methods for assessing and monitoring the achievement of goals is also part of the process. The purpose of the Individual Education Plan is to guide decisions related to the student’s academic progress, participation in non-academic activities as well as skills related to their interactions with others and their environment.

NSW Curriculum

Pacific Hope School provides a comprehensive education program covering all areas of the NSW curriculum. Class programs take into account the diverse needs of the students as well as ensuring that the learning is meaningful and relevant. Staff are informed through professional development experiences regarding syllabus updates and best practice based on research for educating and supporting students with diverse needs.

Excursions provide first hand learning experiences to supplement the class programs.


At Pacific Hope School we recognise that technology use is one way in which personalised and differentiated learning can be achieved. It can enable teachers to provide a learner-focused teaching and learning classroom environment.

Each Pacific Hope School classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard for whole class, group work or individual student tasks. Desktop touch screen computers are also available in each classroom which provide a useful tool for student learning activities. Personal iPads are also utilised for communication and learning.